Halwai Abacus Academy Pvt. Ltd.

SCMAS (Simple Concept of Mental Arithmetic System) company is well known all over Maharashtra for our unique Program of Phonics, Abacus, and Vedic Math since 2005. We are specialised for the quality of teaching we give to students and teachers. We SCMAS Company provide the Franchisee/ Teacher Training of Abacus, Phonics and Vedic Maths courses. At present we are attached to 500+ schools, there are 1000+ franchisee in various city, state and country. We have graduated 100000+ students in Phonics, Abacus and Vedic Math. The SCMAS courses are accepted everywhere as the syllabus is set according to Indian Math. So in SCMAS Company students, teachers do not find any difference in school math and SCMAS Abacus, Phonics and Vedic Math. SCMAS students are 5 times smarter among the students. We always have succeeded in fulfilling the aspiration of our beloved teachers. The SCMAS Company has been organising State/ National/ International Level competitions for the students since 2007. Here in the competition student get a golden opportunity to bloom as a star among the students of various states.

Each Student, Franchisee, Course Instructor, Teachers are considered as a part of our SCMAS Company.

"Sujata Raju Halwai"

(Our Founder & CEO of Halwai Abacus Academy Pvt. Ltd.)

Teaching experience of 20 years.

Sujata halwai mam has been the university topper of Mathematics. She always tries to give new and the best education to their students. At first she started with small school and later she opened up "Halwai Abacus Academy Pvt. Ltd." in 2005 and it's successfully educating students since now. She herself has studied about all the things and has set her own syllabus suitable to Indian Math, the Vedic Math program too is set easily, for the students and so all programs are easily accepted by the schools.



We SCMAS aims to teach and develop each and every child to get prepared for life. We have considered all the ways and so we have fewer levels with whole arithmetic and that too with low costs, as this helps to educate the rural students too.